Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1. The kids and I saw Pink Panther 2 and went to McDonalds. Who can't laugh at Steve Martin?

2. Kasey and I say Confessions of a Shopaholic and enjoyed it a lot.

3. We walked 2 miles trying to get Kasey to go into labor.

4. I've been combining my genealogy records on the new family search site.

5. Today Kasey was dilated 5-6 and the doctor stripped her membranes again. We walked all around Costco for a while and headed home and I kicked her out of the car and made her walk .5 miles up the hill to her house. She is having contractions every 10-20 minutes and so we are hoping. It is also snowing outside right now.

6. I am making sugar cookies again.

7. Kasey just got an appointment to be induced tomorrow morning at 8:00!!


Aubree said...

I can't believe how much she is dilated and no baby! Crazy! My SIL is being induced tomorrow too! Yay for babies!

Have fun in Alaska!

Lani said...

woo-hoo! Keep us posted tomorrow!