Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's been a fun, and busy, last couple of weeks. First my dad came for a visit on Wednesday, August 5. It was so nice having him here. We watched Olympics together, saw a couple of movies (really like Dark Knight, X-files was okay), and ate lots of food. Wish the weather had been better but, hey, it is Humboldt County.

Alex flew in on Sunday and Kelly and the kids came that evening. Had so much fun with a fuller house. The kids are so cute and LOVE hanging out here in McKinleyville. They love going to the Jones' "tree fort" (play equipment) and riding down our driveway. Ammon loves gopher hunting and watching movies and Cohen loves eating and watching movies. Rylee just wanders around the house is such a cutie. We took the kids to Redwood Park and marveled at all the hippies there and left the kids one night for a movie night-Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. We loved the first one and didn't like the second. They tried to pack 3 books worth into one movie and did a bad job with it.

On Wednesday, my dad left, Kelly left and Alex and I headed to Redding to visit Toni and Shelby and Whitney (actually Hathaway now) Berry. Toni is one of my most favorite people in the world and probably the best friend I've ever had. They moved about 15+ years ago but we reconnect a few times a year. One of the greatest things was when her girls and Alex became so close. We had a blast with them laying by their pool, eating out, going to see Mamma Mia and shopping. We went to a cupcake place and tasted a few, had gelato and got bread at Harvest Bread. Then we headed to Trinity Lake for a couple of days. We have so much fun with the Berry's. One of the hysterical highlights was our sex talk on Thursday night with Shelby and Alex and Toni and I. Soooo funny! I'm not sure who learned more.

Lee came to the lake on Friday night and the Berry's left. We had fun Friday with just Lee, Alex and I. We all layed on an air mattress and watched Fugitive outside Friday night after going to Trinity Alps for dinner. Saturday we visited the Jones' on their houseboat. A fire closed off our usual road home so we had to take a detour that was twice as long. Despite that ride home, the past 10 days have been soo much fun! Thanks for the visits. I love my family, love my friends and it was so much fun to have the boyfriend talks with Alex!!!


Lindsey said...

not ashamed to admit that i'm jealous. very jealous.

Aubree said...

You always have so much fun! I have to agree that Toni is great and one of my favorite people as well. Gotta love sex talks. We always say Shelby will be the most well informed person ever on her wedding night!

Sarie said...

Sounds like so much fun. You have such a great family! I miss friends, when you have good ones, they're like sisters!
Pam, you are so so busy, I don't know how you do it.

Kasey said...

Ditto Linds.

Mom, where are the PICTURES?! Did your camera break or something? Haven't seen any in a while...