Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle and Cohen!

Kyle and Cohen turned three yesterday (Kyle) and today (Cohen)! It is so crazy they are only a day apart. Unfortunately we missed Kyle's big day in Seattle but talked to him on the phone. He is so cute-I said, "Happy Birthday Kyle" and he said, "Happy Birthday, to you"! I just love our sweet Kyle. He has the cutest, melt your heart smile ever and is incredibly sweet. He also give the biggest, strongest hugs ever. Hope you had a great day Kyle.

Cohen came here yesterday and we blew up the jumpy house and he has some friends over now for cake and ice cream. He's been so funny today. Loving the birthday scene. My dad is visiting and put $10 in a one hand and asked him to guess where it was. He said the right hand and got the $10. Then he quickly said, "Let's do it again with the other hand!" Smart boy. Love that crazy Cohen too!

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