Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have never been a big football fan. My dad and brothers watched it nonstop. Lee and his dad watched it nonstop. I think I just rebelled because I was so sick of having it in my face and ears for so many years. Watching it at McKinleyville High was miserable because it was so cold. All of a sudden I am interested in football, well just BYU football. I know all about Max Hall, Austin Collie, Harvey Unga and a few others. I attribute this to three reasons:

1. I have lots of free time. Yes, there comes a time in life you are actually looking for new things to be interested in. Novel thought, huh, young mothers?

2. I love reality tv. Mainly competitions like Top Model, Project Runway, Design Star, etc. Football is a great reality competition.

3. Alex's boyfriend is a football player. Okay, that probably is the reason I started looking at the team. He has had a competition for the kicker start and so I started reading the BYU football page and got more interested. (In my defense, I was a total Cougar fan when I attended BYU!) Today I found a video with an interview with Mitch at under the videos section for day 19 of Fall Camp.

We will be up at the lake Saturday when they play Iowa for their first game. Lee wants Alex to have her cell phone with her so we can get updates. He's glad that for once I want to watch the games with him. Go Cougars!


Alex said...

ha! you did not honestly post about this! sometimes I check your blog on his computer....I am so glad I didnt! I would've been so embarrased if I'd opened your blog and seen byu football and he was right there. You will have to tell me more about all these guys probably know more than me!

Lindsey said...

I have no clue who those people are, but I loved BYU football games my freshman year.

You are hilarious mom. I never thought you would want to watch football! Dad must love it.

Kasey said...

Mom, you crack me up! I hear ya though. When I actually know someone on a team I am way more into watching.

Jami said...

Free time? Thanks for reminding me I will have that someday! HA! Glad you're loving football. Every once in a while I get into a team and it's fun to be a fan. Now you have a pretty good reason!