Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Top Ten Things About Christmas 2007

1. Being in the new house where we all had a bed and room to move around in. It was still messy, still chaotic but soooo much nicer.

2. Watching 6 of my 9 (10 in July) grandchildren play together, fight together, and quickly make up. So cute. We also got to see adorable Sienna before Christmas at Kelly's. We missed Kaden and Alexa a ton though! I loved all the kisses and hugs I got from them in between their having so much fun together. Ammon and Madison love each other, Cohen and Izzy were hysterical together and Kyle tagged along with everyone. Rylee was so sweet we hardly knew she was here.

3. Spending time with all of my children and all but one of their spouses. (Missed you Matt). My children are amazingly fun, cool, and beautiful and so are their spouses.

4. Hearing all about Jeff from Alex. How much fun is it to hear about new loves, plans, and stories. We were all enthralled, wanting to hear more. I feel like I know him already and think he is great!

5. Spending time at Kelly's before the onslaught at our house. It was so great to not have to plan meals, just help. It was also so wonderful to be in warmer weather with no rain. We had way too much rain here for Christmas!

6. Spending a girl's day out with Kelly, Lindsey and Alex. My favorite way to spend a day. (Missed you Kasey)

7. Lots and lots of delicious food. Tons of desserts. Ymmmmmm!

8. Watching old family videos of Christmas Eve performances past. We died laughing at old clothes and hairstyles. It tugged all of our hearts to realize how quickly time passes.

9. Adopting a new boy. Fabricio, 6 years old from Brazil through World Vision. We adopted him as a family instead of receiving so many Christmas gifts. Feels like the real spirit of Christmas. It will be fun to follow him through the years, write to him, maybe even meet him some day.
We always wanted one more boy....

10. Feeling the Spirit on Christmas Eve as we read the Christmas Story in Luke and sang Christmas songs. It was a tender moment as we reflected on the real reason for our being together.

I am so grateful for the wonderful husband I have been blessed with and the amazing children and grandchildren we have. I love when we are all together. It may look like a hurricane swept through the Iorg household at times but I cherish it all. The broken vases, scuffed floors and cluttered rooms can all be replaced. Our precious family memories can never be. Thank you family for all your love and fun personalities. You are truly MY favorite gift any day of the year!


Sarie said...

Seriously, Sr. Iorg, I love reading posts like this! Makes me semi-excited about the kids growing up. I always hate thinking about them getting older, but when you're a grandmother and you have the chance to see everyone together, it must feel like the happiest you could ever be!!

Lindsey said...

Those are some great memories. We loved being in your beautiful house and with everyone. Thanks for everything! Love you!

Kelly said...

Great post mom. Glad you can forgive me for breaking your vase! At least it wasn't Cohen that time.

I loved watching the old videos we really need to get them made into DVDs by next year. New Years Res? Thanks for taking Ammon this week. We miss him but it's been more relaxing. IF that's possible with two other kids to take care of! MISS YOU!!!

Kasey said...

This post made me SO SAD! Christmas at home is very relaxing, but I ALWAYS miss being with everyone. Plus, I need to see your house! I'm just glad I got to see you at Kelly's. It was so much fun! Love ya!

Alex said...

Great post mom! I am so happy to see that Jeff and I were included in it!!!