Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Boyfriend

I drove down to Kelly's yesterday since this is my off week. It was really snowing about 15 miles out of Laytonville until I reached Ukiah. It even snowed Sunday night in McKinleyville (so gorgeous on the trees behing us!)I was just going to hang out with her and the kids at first. Then I got to thinking, Alex is getting serious with a boy we've never met so I checked out air fares and times and tomorrow we are picking both of them up. We will spend the night tomorrow at Kelly's and drive up to McKinleyville on Friday to spend the weekend with Lee. We are all so excited to meet Jeff and actually see our little girl with a real live boyfriend. It ought to be interesting. I promise to include pictures and tell all in my next blog!


Jami said...

good! can't wait to see pictures.

Kasey said...

Definitely pictures! Keep us updated, mom! Make us proud.