Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jenny and I

The results are in and I lost 5.2 lbs. this first week. Actually the day I started I was 3 lbs heavier than I was the week before. I think it was a lot of water retention from drinking too many sodas the week before. So I think the actual weight loss was closer to 2.5 lbs. That is a more reasonable weight loss for the diet. Anyway I feel better already. The best part is 90% of the food is really good, I get plenty to eat and I don't have to cook!!! Yea!! I love just going to the pantry or freezer and pulling something out to eat that I didn't have to plan, shop for or cook. And I love to cook-I just hate all the planning and shopping.

Lee has been lucky because his parents are visiting and his mom is cooking for him but next Tuesday he'll be on his own! 1 week down, 7 to go. And yes, I will be doing Jenny or WW on my trip to London. Cabo is my reward for losing the weight so I HAVE to do it!!!!!


Kasey said...

Good job mom! I bet it really helps that the food is good. I'm proud of you!

Kelly said...

Way to go mom!