Sunday, July 18, 2010


I am having a great summer with the grandkids. I love having them around and love seeing the cousins play together. In June Kasey and her kids came for 2 1/2 weeks and Chris' kids came for a couple of days so one night we had 10 out of 12 grandkids sleeping over plus one of the Jone's grandkids for a total of 11! The older boys pitched a tent on the deck and the older girls opted to sleep on the wood floor - no mattress or anything. I guess they wanted to "rough it" too. Eight of them came to the lake with us and they loved camping at the trailer and playing in at the treehouse and going on the lake. We had an adorable talent show one night and the kids performed for us. We went to the beach and cooked hot dogs. We used to do this when my kids were little so in is a little deja vu experience. After looking at these pictures, one would have to admit, I have gorgeous grandchildren!! Love them all so very, very much!


Lindsey said...

yes, they are some very cute grandkids! love the pics of them all together. wish we could've been there too!

Jami said...

what a fun summer! Yes, you do have gorgeous grandkids! and kids!