Friday, July 23, 2010


When Alexa was in California in June we went to celebrate her July birthday early. We went to lunch-she chose Carl's Jr. and then Burger King. Yep, she ate two meals. Then we went to Claire's where she wanted some sparkly eyeshadow she had been talking about for days. She picked it out and then asked if she could get a necklace. She picked out a best friend's necklace and opened it up right away and gave me half. So sweet! We then went and got pedicures. What a fun day I had with that girl! But the story didn't end there. The next night the Jones' granddaughter Alexis spent the night with us too (along with the 8 grandchildren we had-we are a little crazy sometimes. She and Alexa came up to me and Alexa said Alexis had something she wanted to ask me. The conversation went something like this:
Alexis: I really like your necklace, Pam.
Pam: I like it too, Alexa gave it to me.
Alexa: Grandma, she wants you to give it to her.
Pam: Do you want me to give it to her?
Alexa: Well that is up to you, Grandma.
Pam:Well I really love this necklace because it says we are bff's.
Alexa: But grandma, we'll always be bff's and you don't need a necklace to know that. (the handwriting was on the wall at this point and I knew what I had to do. I handed it over to Alexis.)
I am in Colorado right now. Kasey's house is amazing. Alexa must have noticed I grudgingly handed over the necklace because she gave me a new one this trip! I better go home quickly before she wants it back!


Lindsey said...

oh she is SO cute. I love the conversation about giving Alexis the necklace. Alexa used good logic!

Jami said...

aaah, that is so hilarious! Would love to see the new house! And will you take me out for my next birthday? ;)except for the bk/carl's thing...

Kasey said...

I love that story. She kills me! Thank you SOOOOO much for coming to visit. I loved having you there and could never have gotten nearly the same amount done without you. You are the best!