Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Observations at 55

When I was 30 I thought 55 was ancient. Not so anymore. I turned 55 today. Here are some of my thoughts about reaching the age of 55.

1. I still think in my head like I'm 30 or 20. I still initially think a new style would look cute on my 30ish body and then I remember I no longer have a 30ish body. It's the pits. I hate the ody you get around age 50 when everything starts to sag and you realize you are definitely your mother.

2. Wrinkles stink. Please pass along any ways to get rid of them.

3. I thought at age 55 I'd be so much more wise, so much more perfect. I still don't put off the "natural man" as much as I thought I'd be doing by now and I am still, too often, an "enemy to God". I still have trouble remembering morning prayers and scripture study is still sometimes a struggle (even though I really love the scriptures)! I really thought I'd be more perfect by now!!

4. I am trying to make healthier food choices. That does not mean no chocolate. I still have chocolate every day, just less. I still love me some McDonald's quarter pounders but I only have one once a month.

5. I hate having to watch what I eat. Until the age of 40, I could just about eat anything I want. I miss those days.

6. There still is never enough hours in a day.

7. I am approaching the age when more and more people you know die. I hate this. I really miss my mom but don't want to join her too soon. I am comforted to know of God's Plan of Salvation.

8. One of the few good things about this age is the opportunity to travel more, which I love.

9. I still am a night owl. I love to stay up late and sleep in till about 8:00 or 9:00. I love a quiet house late at night by myself to read or watch tv.
10. I order fish at a restaurant now instead of steak or prime rib like I did when I was 30 and it's a matter of preference not a health choice.

11. I have become more of a loner. I love quiet time to myself more and don't need to be in a big group like I did when I was younger.

12. I really do love my job as a nurse in the endoscopy department and probably would get bored if I didn't work at all. Every other week is perfect. I am so glad I went back to school when Alex went to preschool.

13. My favorite time of year is still Trinity Lake time.

14. My husband really is my best friend. (My daughters are right there also). As annoying as he can sometimes be, he is funny and fun to be with and being empty nesters is okay most of the time (except when I get crazy wanting to hold and kiss a granchild). I am amazed how patient he is with my annoying habits and irritations because he is not known for his patience.
15. Family is everything. My children, their spouses and my granchildren are my life. I crave being with them, treasure them and love them with all my heart. I also love the family I was born into and Lee's family.

16. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has enriched my life, made my joys more wonderful, my sorrows bearable and been a rock and guide in my life. I cannot imagine my life without it.

17. I've made pretty good choices and been very blessed. There is not much I would change about my life.
p.s. It gets harder and harder to find pictures of yourself you would publish!


Alex said...

happy birthday mom!! that was such a good post! I want to comment on about every point that you made but that would take up too much. I love you and you are my best friend and such an amazing mother and person!

Kasey said...

Happy Birthday Mom! I love this post. A lot of the things you wrote rang true to me at 29. And I always thought when I have more time to myself that I would do better at scripture study/prayers. You aren't giving me much hope here!
I love you mom! Happy birthday.

Kasey said...

Happy b-day mom. 55 is like the new 40, right? I always thought 55was old, not so. This is a great post. I died laughing. You don't give me much hope about being better at personal prayer and scripture study and the days still aren't long enough, oh no. WIsh I could be there to celebrate!

Kelly said...

okay that last one was me!

Aubree said...

Happy Birthday! You are lucky you could eat what you wanted till 40. I felt I couldn't past 25.
Hope you have a great day!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Pam!

Lindsey said...

Happy Bday mommacita! I love this post too. It was so fun to read. you are my best friend and i love you so much!

Jami said...

Happy Birthday Pammy! I think you are amazing and look amazing. And I'm still 29 so you are probably more like 49 and that's FOREVER! I loved your post...

Lani said...

Happt Birthday Pam!! I hope you had a great day. Love you!

Kalie said...

I loved this post. I could go into detail but it would take too long. Thanks for your thoughts:)

seanandkadi said...

Happy Birthday Pam! Just want you to know that you have the life I want when I am your age. I love that you are always on the go, traveling with Lee or to be with your kids. You are a great mother.

seanandkadi said...

... and you still look awesome.

Pam said...

Thanks to everyone for their nice thoughts and comments. Had a great week! Will someone tell Kadi to invite me to view her post???

Sarie said...

What a great blog to read! As I get older, I just eat this information up! Grandmothers are wise women it seems and I'm so glad you've had no regrets. That's how I want to be!!

Lee said...

Lucky Girl!