Saturday, May 26, 2007


1. Kauai is NOT spelled Kaui. I have spelled it for wrong ever since I first came here in 1999.
2. Kauai still enchants me. I love that it is so quiet, the beaches are not crowded, and it is so green and lush. It truly looks like I always imagined Hawaii should. A trip to Hawaii, any island is wonderful and fun but Kauai is special. Maybe because it was the first island I went to.
3. Every day at the beach should end with shaved ice. My personal favorite is pina colada and coconut. My favorite place to get it is the Wishing Well in Hanalei and yes, I had one every day.
4. Shaved ice is wonderful, but shaved ice with a snow top is out of this world. We were introduced to snow tops this year. That means you get a topping of sweetened condensed milk. Ymmmm!
5. It's fun to see the boy's heads turn as you walk past them. Of course, this is because I was walking with Alex and Marianna (aka Marz).
6. When you are a mother/wife there is no such thing as a complete vacation. However, I am grateful for a partial one.
7. I never want to go on a vacation again weighting as much as I do now. This is the upper limit!!
8. You can teach an old dog (or woman) new tricks. I got up on a surfboard! Never mind that it was just for 20 or 30 yards or that the waves were tiny-I got up!!!
9. Waking up every day to the sun is delightful. So is wearing shorts every day.
10. Always take a picture of yourself, no matter how bad it is, just to prove you were really there.
11. The last day of vacation always comes no matter how much you wish it away.
12. Vacations are never long enough.

p.s. Pictures to follow when I get home.


Anonymous said...

I can picture everything you described about Kauai, even the surfing. My sister was always good at everything. The times I have been with you, we never had shaved ice. Glad you are having a great time.

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a dream vacation! Glad you are having such a great time and way to go, you little surfer!

Kasey said...

Oh mom, you just made me really miss getting shaved ice in Hanalei! The snow top does sound wonderful...who doesn't like sweetened condensed milk?!
I would have LOVED to have gone with you guys.
Congrats on getting up on the surfboard!

Aubree said...

Sounds so fun and I am so jealous! Have you ever had the shaved ice there with ice cream on the bottom? So good!!

Alex said...


Kelly said...

I thought it looked wrong on your last post but thought the ultimate speller and scrabble player could not miss spell anything!

Great post though. I love the shaved ice in Hanalei and can't wait to try it with condensed milk someday.

I guess even without kids running around you still have to plan meals and clean. But I'm sure it was still more relaxing. I am so proud of you for trying surfing!

Jami said...

can't wait to see pictures...I'd kill to be in Kauai right now-it's so beautiful. you have a busy summer, but I guess grampam is used to traveling for births by now! hope the move goes well this weekend-can't wait to see Kelly's house...

Heidi said...

I too love Kauai and that vacation sounds divine!