Wednesday, May 02, 2007


This last weekend I went to a dear friend, Sally Autry's, daughter's wedding in Mt. Shasta. It was a quick trip but so nice to see good friends and enjoy some warm weather. Her daughter, Mirandi, looked beautiful.

In 2 1/2 weeks I am going to Hawaii with Lee, Alex, and her roomie Mariana. We are going to our timeshare in Kaui. I can't wait for beach time, sun and the lazy ambiance of the Hana Lei, one of my favorite spots on the island.

While I was at the wedding, Kelly and Jody and the boys moved to Santa Rosa. I was really glad NOT to have to see them packed up in their vehicles and actually moving. I don't think I could stand to always have that visual picture with me. My daughters are truly some of my best friends and I have been so very, very fortunate to have Kelly live near me for five extra years. It has been great to see her any time, to run to town on the weekends and have the boys over lots. I've been around Jody so much he feels like one of my own. I am trying real hard to just be grateful that they moved so close but it is still really hard to have them be away. I went down there the day after I got back from the wedding and helped her a little. It was nice to realize that the drive is very do-able for me and a very beautiful drive. It was also fun to be in the warmer weather and have so much shopping available. We will have fun going to Marine World with the kids, going out to eat at good places, and going shopping. I am sure I will be going down to Santa Rosa often.

We ran over to Vacaville for a few hours to see Jami and Keal. He is just as beautiful in person as in pictures!! Jami looks great and it was so fun to see her and Keal.

The weekend after we go to Hawaii, Kelly and Jody move into their house so I will be going down to help them get settled. Then I am going to go to Kasey's for a quick trip to watch the kids play t-ball. Then I'll be going down to Santa Rosa for the birth of Rylee. Then I'll be going to the lake the rest of the summer. Lots of goings!


Lindsey said...

You are a busy woman. Do you have any pics of your trip?

Kasey said...

You travel more than anyone I know! And it always seems like Hawaii is one of the places you are going to. Lucky!!!

Kelly said...

I am so glad that you and dad weren't home. That would have made it more difficult for everyone. I cried on and off from Eureka to Garberville and finally got it together.

It's been strange feeling like this is home but I'm sure it will get better when we unpack our stuff and get to know some people. Poor Ammon needs some kids to play with!