Sunday, January 14, 2007


I think I have not blogged for forever simply because there was too much to blog about over the holidays and I couldn't send pictures since my computer is down. So I am going to just do a general, quick recap so I can get on with my blogging life.

Everyone but Alan came home (California home) for Christmas. Mind you, we are in a small 1500 square foot rental waiting to start build a new house. One room is just storage for the new house pretty much so that leaves about 1200 sq ft. of living space. It was crazy!!! Lots of fun but CRAZY!!! People everywhere, clothes everywhere and toys everywhere. The best part is just watching the grandchildren interact together. So fun. I agree with Kasey though that whole family reunions are best done during the summer when everyone can get outside and do more. But the great part is: Under less than perfect circumstances, we enjoyed each other's company and had plenty of fun and lots of good food.
Kelly and I took Linds to the airport last week and got to spend time with Rona and her girls. Such fun. We love all of them so much and it was great to reconnect. We then went to Packard Children's Hospital to see Tasha and Makynna. Makynna is doing well and it was fun to spend some time with Tasha. Kelly found out she is going to have a girl. Hallelujah!!! It was so fun to be there when she found out.
Some things to look forward to:
Lee and I are going to London in March!
My sister is coming January 26th to spend a week with me!
They are going to start moving some ground around on our land this week and construction should start on the house within a month! Can't wait!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful new year!!


Lindsey said...

Had so much fun with Rona and the girls too. Love spending time with them. Can't wait until March!

Tasha said...

Busy busy!!! just keep going and going. I had so much fun with you guys it was nice to get out. Thanks!!!

Jami said...

And I loved hanging out with you girls, too! I'm excited about your and I are walking through those models today so I'll take my camera! And I'm glad you like Ryan so much because I think he is pretty great, too! Love you!

Kasey said...

Visiting Rona, Jami and Lani is the only thing I really wish I could have done. I miss them and I'm so jealous you all got to go see them! Thanks for rubbing it in!!!
I'm so excited about your new house. It is going to be so nice! I can tell you that I won't miss the rental you are in one bit!

Heidi said...

So wait did everyone stay at your rental? How did they all fit at night? Crazy!

So fun you are going to London in March- has your hubby ever been there since Linds got married?

Alex said...

I am jealous..I wish I could have seen Rona, Jami and Lani!! I am so excited to hear the house is finally underway!