Tuesday, January 30, 2007


One of the most annoying things about getting older is that you misplace things all the time. When I was younger, Lee used to askwhere something was and I'd always send him in the right direction. Last week I took a picture of the site of our house which has started and planned to post it. I also took a picture of the entry of a house I wanted to show to our contractor. Now I can't find our camera. It's driving me absolutely crazy!! We are in a rental and I don't have a place for everything but a lot of it is age related. It is the pits. So I will eventually show progress of our house, maybe with a new camera. I also "lost" the closing statement on the sale of our house this summer and needed that for tax purposes. After looking all over I finally went and got another copy from the title company. I'm pathetic.


Alex said...

what are you talking about...for as long as i can remember you have misplaced things..especially things in your purse.

Pam said...

Sorry to say-it's getting worse!