Saturday, June 05, 2010


Had a date with two cute boys, Ammon and Cohen, for this movie today. I don't usually recommend kids movies but I really enjoyed this one. After the movie, we hit BK for kids meals that came with toys from the movie. A good time was had by all!


Lani said...

sounds fun! sorry i didn't make it for dinner yesterday, but speaking of the gloom and doom of the weather up there i just woke up and had to make a break for it! it was too hard knowing it was 85 and sunny in vacaville. it was so good to see you briefly on friday and thanks for letting me go shopping! your couponing skills truly amaze me. :)
love ya

Jami said...

OOh...we'll have to go see that one. I was thinking of toy story 3 for Keal's first movie...maybe this will be his 2nd? And THANK YOU for my goodie bag!!! It was fun to get stuff for free! I see why you coupon!

Alex and Mitch said...

Whole post to must have really made an impression on Pammy. :)