Thursday, March 18, 2010




Body washes/shaving gels/shavers

Feeling sick??

More medicine

Deodorant/hair stuff still available

The guest room closet where I keep a lot of my loot.

This is the bin filled with items for the church.

A filled pantry from couponing.

I definitely have a little of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in me. Whenever I start a hobby, I do it full throttle. When my kids were little I sewed dolls and made wood folk art items. Ask them, they hated them-lots of Americana items and they were thrilled when I finally got rid of them all.
Later I started rubber stamping thanks to my food friend Toni Berry. That little OCD hobby cost me a TON of money. I was stamping like crazy-organizing card swaps and stamping item swaps. I had a couple hundred of stamps, plus paper, scissors, and multiple other things.

Next came scrapbooking. I had to have tons of paper because I might not ever find it again. If I went out of town I bought tons of stuff on sale because I was afraid I'd never find it in our area. Another OCD hobby.

Then came genealogy (a good one anyway) except I was constantly on the computer putting info into PAF that was already done.

This summer I started couponing. At least I am saving money-right? Well I do spend some money but it's always on really cheap deals to give to charitable organizations. Again though, I am OCD about it. I just can't miss a deal for free or almost free so I am in the stores a lot or on the computer checking out the couponing blogs or printing coupons. It's become a second job. No wonder I am always so tired!! I have found some incredible deals though and it is a great game. I especially love the free stuff (today I got 4 bags of Planter's Trail Mix for free and 4 Aussie Hair Items for free) and 4 containers of free deodorant. Earlier this week I paid 50 cents for 6 Dove deodorants. I got together a big bin for our church community hygiene project. It has 20 each of deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion, soap or body wash, shampoo and conditioner. As you can see from my pictures I still have plenty for myself and the women's shelter and homeless shelter. Come visit and shop for free at my "store".


Lindsey said...

You definitely do not jump into your hobbies lightly!

You are like a store. Whenever an emergency hits everyone will know where to head!

Kasey said...

WOW. And I bet you are still going strong, aren't ya?!

I remember all those hobbies like they were yesterday. OCD for sure!

Janelle said...

WOW.... thats is soooo much stuff! Especially since there are only two people living in your house.

Jami said...

You wouldn't be you without your ocd. I think it's an awesome project. And with all your donations maybe the hippies of Humboldt County will even SMELL better! haha. I'm amazed at the dove deodorant for 50 cents! If something should happen I'll be at your doorstep! ;)