Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday KellBell and Dad!

I'm on my lap top, so sadly no pictures. However, I have a tale to tell. Thirty years ago I was pregnant with my 3rd child. She was due March 1st but hadn't come yet as of the 16th. We were at Lee's parent's house and had had a big turkey dinner complete with multiple servings of pie. I wanted this baby out and ideally the next day because it was my dad's birthday-St. Patrick's Day. So Leona and I walked to the fish hatchery which was about 3 miles away. When Lee and I got home I finished off the last half of a 1/2 pound Krackle bar. A few hours later I didn't feel so good. Was it the food, the exercise or labor? I finally went to the hospital and Kelly was born on St. Paddy's Day, hence, her Irish name. She was the third child, Chris was 3 , Kasey 16 months and I remember crying all the way home when the doctor confirmed I was pregnant. She was the easiest child though and always a blessing. Now I always forget about St. Patrick's Day (forgot to wear green, again!). It's just a birthday of two special people I love!! Happy birthday dad (Patrick) and Kelly!


Kelly said...

Funny how I never tire of hearing that story! Thanks mom. I love you!

Kasey said...

Ha! I love that story. Not sure why I didn't realize you were so far past your due date though. Ugh. I think I'd die!