Sunday, April 05, 2009


I haven't had time to post about my trip to London because I got home Sunday, got right back to work on Monday and had a rough time with jet lag. I've just been too tired. It was so fun seeing Lindsey, Alan, Isobel and Oliver. The weather wasn't the best but the company was great. It was also nice because Chris was in London that week on business so we saw him a few times as well. Things we did this trip:

1. Went to Hampstead Heath (great park) and then had delicious crepes.
2. Shopping
3. Eating at Nando's-I always love this place.
4. Lunch at a 2 Michelin star restaurant. Ymmmm!
5. Going to possibly the BEST mall I've ever been to. London's new Westfield Mall. So modern, spacious and huge!
6. Watching the movie Young Victoria with Linds after dinner at an Italian restaurant where we spent most the time laughing and watching this soul pasta dish that sat on the edge of the oven for over 30 minutes. I kept saying that it was probably mine. We waited and waited for our dinner and it never came. After talking to the waitress we noted the pasta finally put in the oven and guess what? It was mine! I would have returned it but it was actually quite tasty and had amused us for over 30 minutes.
7. Playing hide and seek with Isobel and tea parties. One funny story. She heard Lindsey call me Pammy Lou at lunch time. At night we play a couple rounds of hide and seek before she goes to bed. She always announces where she will be hiding. I hear her say, "Find me in the bathroom Pammy Lou!" It was hilarious and she speaks in a full on British accent. So, so cute.
8. Cute Oliver has the sweetest, cutest disposition ever. I love looking at him.
9. I finally read the book Life of Pi. I had tried it before and couldn't get into it. Finished it and loved it!!
10. Love spending time with Lindsey Lou (and family). Lindsey is just so much fun to hang out with. We laugh and laugh and have the greatest time. Wish she lived closer!!


Lindsey said...

30 minutes?! try 45-1 hour, pammy lou! We miss you and had a great time! Love you tons!!

Jami said...

Would love to see those little cuties...Lindsey Lou included! I'm still laughing about the Rudolph story I had to read it twice.

Kasey said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I'm hoping someday all us girls can get together again AT THE SAME TIME. It's been way too long.

Why in the world did you guys wait that long for your food before saying anything?!

Lani said...

how cute. I love Izzy's hat. You are a lucky lady to get to go there so often. I am jealous!!