Sunday, September 21, 2008

Primary Children's Program

Today at church was the Primary Children's Program and I had the worst time not bawling. It was so dang adorable and the children's sweet spirits shone through. I didn't even have children or grandchildren to watch and I was so wishing I could wear sunglasses to cover the tears trying to break through. So, so adorable. I woule love to go to every one of my grandchildren's primary programs. Probably won't be able to but girls, please let me know when your ward has them and if possible I can arrange trips around them.

My favorite today was when the boys sang Called to Serve and then they had anyone who had gone on a mission come up and sing with them. Made me want to serve a mission. Someday. Then maybe I can go up and sing with those choice little Spirits too.
Sacrament was just a great meeting. Then I watched Julian, an autistic boy who is about 11 for an hour and then gave my Relief Society lesson. I wish I could have gone home after the second hour.


Anonymous said...

Pam you can come to Emily's program it is Oct. 26th. I would love you to come to visit. Love ya Julie

Kasey said...

That is so cute! I think ours is in Oct or Nov. We'd love you to come to it! I'll even be up there singing right along with them since I'm in primary too!

Alex said...

cute mom! someday you can come to my kid's primary performances!! Mitch's home ward had their primary program too. It is always my favorite sunday.

Sample Summaries said...

I loved the program too! Those precious spirits! I wish we could all have their sweet spirits. When our boys were in primary Mel would come to church only on the Sundays there was a Primary Program. It is what brought him to finally join the church so those programs are very special to me!