Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mamma Mia

Lindsey, Isobel, Oliver and I went to the movie Mamma Mia last night-we enjoyed it. Music of Abba is so fun. I kept thinking though-Meryl Streep? It must have been a fun movie for the actors to be in. I've seen the stage musical twice-London and Las Vegas- and it's always fun. Makes you want to stand up and dance (the audience does in the play). We had to ply Izzywith lots of sweets to keep her interested. About 30 minutes till the end of the movie, she suddenly upchucked it all up. We did a quick clean up and finished the movie. As we left the theatre, Isobel announced "I like movies!" We were feeling guilty for giving her so many treats but I guess it didn't do any permanent damage!


Lindsey said...

The movie was cute! Poor Izzy - that girl has a weak stomach. Her puke didn't seem to dampen her experience though!

Alex said...

Ha...Iz hasn't been having the best movie trips lately! Glad she wasnt too upset though. I really really want to see that movie.