Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yes I am finally back in McKinleyville. Well until I go to the lake tomorrow morning till Sunday. I loved being in London and being with Linds and her cute family but it was nice to have a husband again and be in my home. Lee has been busy getting the backyard sprinkler system in prior to getting a yard. Can't wait.

Top Things I did in London

1. Held Oliver. He is the mellowest, sweetest baby. Love having him lay on my chest.
2. Hung out with Isobel. Hilarious child-mimics everything! She is so smart and funny-has things pretty well figured out and is adorable!
3. Doing day to day things with Linds. Just having her close to me every day.
4. Watching Alan and Lindsey and their little family. So impressed by their interactions, prayers, scripture studies.
5. Nando's. Portuguese BBQ chicken. ymmm!
6. Trying lots of new recipes. Lots of cooking and eating.
7. Going to the beautiful parks-love, love, love the London parks.
8. Sacrament meeting in White Chapel. 80% African. So impressed with how all the men/boys were in suits, white shirts and ties. Mind you this is an urban community (think Harlem). One man spoke who joined the church prior to the priesthood being extended to all males. He was investigating and all his friends told him it was a racist church but he couldn't deny the Spirit that it was true and joined anyway. He now is a temple worker. I was almost bawling listening to him and just the general Spirit of the meeting. Such humble people.


Lindsey said...

I LOVED having you here! It's always so sad when you leave. I'm glad you had a good time and I can't wait until Thanksgiving. Izzy comes out with random "grandma on a plane" comments now!

Rachon & Jared to the Max said...

Hey Auntie Pam! Sounds like you had a fun trip. When I read what you wrote about the guy bearing his testimony I got chills, so inspiring.

Kalie said...

Sounds like such a nice trip :) We tried calling you guys tonight...must be at the lake. I am sending you a video my friend made of Madison's ballet (it's your copy). Glad you made it home safely.

Alex said...

So jealous of you! I wish I could've come with you!!! That ward sounds amazing! I remember Alan asking if we wanted to go last time. How inspiring...wish I could've been there for that.