Thursday, April 24, 2008


Kelly and I had our $130 massages ($100 paid from timeshare presentation) today. I love massages. I now believe there are massages and there are massages. Massages at a 4-5 star hotel in an amazing spa are a total experience. We were greeted at the door, given robes and sandals and after we dressed, led to a beautiful room with the sounds of nature and wonderful smells to wait our masseuses. There were comfy chairs, ice water and juices and dried fruit to nibble on. They gave us hot neck wraps that were infused with lavender. Then came the massages. Amazing! After the massage, we went to the warm jacuzzi, cold plunge and steam room where cucumbers on ice awaited our eyes. It was beautifully decorated in a minamalistic Zen style with candles lit. For the first time, since Kelly was under two we shared a bath in the buff! We then had warm showers in the dressing/bath area that had everything to meet our every need. I will never look at a massage the same way now. Give me the complete spa experience every time!

p.s. Funny story I forgot to tell about our trip here. When you arrive, you are hit by every timeshare presentation available at the airport. I knew to avoid them but accidentally got grabbed by a girl I thought was trying to explain how to find our driver to the hotel. Once I realized who she really was I cut her off and told her I wasn't interested and needed to get out to our driver. I could tell she was really mad that I wouldn't keep listening but didn't know how mad until Lee came out laughing. He said that she said, "Hey mister! Find a new wife!"


Lindsey said...

I definitely need the spa experience! Sounds amazing!! Funny about that lady - seriously, aren't they used to being cut off?

Kelly said...

The most relaxing experience of my life! It was such a great morning. This has been the best vacation.

I'm still dieing over that woman. To get the full effect you have to hear dad say it!

Alex said...

haha...that lady is cracking me up. And I bet dad telling the story is even more funny.

the spa sounds amazing!! That is my dream to do that.

Jami said...

Ha! That is hilarious. And nothing beats a luxurious spa massage, especially if the massage is good AND you didn't have to pay for the whole thing. Sounds like heaven and I'm so glad you had such an awesome trip. I'm keeping this place on my list of vacations to take!!!!! Shrimp tempura tacos? I mean, that's not even fair!