Saturday, April 26, 2008

The End

The end of this fabulous vacation in Cabo is upon us.
That means:
1. The end of shrimp tempura tacos poolside
2. The end of blackjack games each day at 4:00
3. The end of virgin pina coladas a couple times a day-how fattening are they?
4. The end of spa smells and towels folded into animals. Actually I bought the lavender scent and went to a folding towel class (not that I plan to fold many into animals)
5. The end of using pesos and hearing Spanish spoken daily.
6. The end of getting to wear sandals and shorts daily (until lake time)
7. The end of manicured desert gardens and raked beaches.
8. The end of getting to hang out with our new best friends Kelly and Jody (who are out on a special beachside dinner Jody ordered for their anniversary. Happy 6th Kelly and Jody!)
9. The end of eating what I want for a while. Back to dieting-ugh!
10. The end of seeing blue skies every day, reading all the time and getting up when I want to and having fun vacationing with Mr. Lee.

It's been an ideal vacation. Relaxing, beautiful and fun. Cabo, I'll miss you!!!


Kasey said...

Oh boo-hoo! I want your vacation so badly right now I could cry. So glad you had fun. Sounds like you guys lived it up!

Pam said...

Kasey, I promise you a similar vacation some time!

Aubree said...

Sounds like the best place. You should go back with Toni and Howard, they would love it.

Lindsey said...

I'd say this was the vacation of your life! I'm really glad you had such a wonderful time. can't wait to see pictures.

Alex said...

sounds sooooo sooo amazing mom!!! seriously like the trip of a lifetime! glad you had sooo much fun!

Anonymous said...

I want to go there with you some time. Maybe we will have to have a Pomeroy reunion there. Or maybe just a sister bonding time. Julie

Lani said...

how sad! All things come to an end right? So happy you had such an awesome vacation... it sounds perfect!