Monday, March 31, 2008


I got another week of motherhood as I took care of Ammon and Cohen last week while Kelly and Jody went to Utah. I love my grandchildren sooo much and am always glad to spend that one on one time with any of them. Here's the things I noticed about motherhood that never change:

1. It is exhausting. But even though it is exhausting and you should go to bed right after you get them to bed, it is tempting (and I fall into temptation) to stay up later just to enjoy a few moments of quiet to yourself. The same thing happens with nap time. You know you should take a nap but reading a book just seems to call you. Just as you put it down to catch a quick nap, someone wakes up.

2. Forget cleaning. As you are cleaning one mess, they are making another.

3. At a certain age, around 4, all little boys love potty talk. Ammon has reached that age. He loves to walk in the room with his pants hanging around his leg and see if you are shocked that you see his underwear. He also delights in trying to see his grandma in the shower. Gross! I now have to lock the door and can hear him outside saying, "Let me in grandma, I promise I won't look. I promise I won't laugh!"

4. Kids love to go to McDonald's and Burger King. The trick is to get them to eat any food there. They are there for the play equipment and the toys.

5. It is still hard to get kids to eat what you are eating. Dinosaur chicken for Ammon and macaroni and cheese for Cohen are always good bets. Trying to get variety in their diet and healthier food is usually a no go.

6. Kids love to go get toys and videos. That means you get to stand in aisles for a long time while they painstakingly try to decide what to get.

7. Sick children are the saddest thing. Cohen got a bad case of gastroenteritis and was a puking, pooping machine on Saturday. He would not talk and just laid around and slept. Totally not Cohen and so sad. Today, Monday, he is still sick.

8 "I love you dama" (Cohen) or "I love you to outerspace and infinity" (Ammon) will get you every time.


Kelly said...

Mom this is the best post! So true and funny to read that you definitely experienced a week in my life that easily related to your own experience as a mother! I am going to copy this post. I love it. Thank you for taking great care of my boys and being so willing to do it. I love you!

Sarie said...

That is so cute! I love the part where Ammon says that he promises he won't laugh! You are such a good Grama!

Lindsey said...

So true!! I can totally relate to number one about staying up too late or not taking naps to finish something and also the incessant messes. Hilarious about Ammon wanting to watch you shower and promising not to laugh!

Kasey said...

I love it! What a cute post. Although, I must say the potty talk hits the girls as well. Or maybe it's just the ones with older brothers.

Jami said...

ps like your new blog!