Thursday, September 01, 2011


I was checking everyone's blogs while I am waiting 3 hours for a plane and realized everyone is updating theirs as well as I am. :( So hard to find the time and energy, especially when you are writing on a couple other blogs.

I printed off my past postings in a little book though and figure it is as good (almost ) as writing a journal so figure I need to keep plugging away. Right now, I am in the Medford airport waiting to fly out to Mesa. I worked today till 1:00, left the house at 2:00 and drove 3 1/2 hours here to (supposedly) fly out at 8:45. The plane is delayed 3 hours. Poor Julie, my sister, gets to pick me up at 2:00 in the morning. We have a wedding to attend in the Mesa temple at 10:00 tomorrow. I ought to look lovely, so rested. Oh well. On Saturday Julie and I and our dad head to Palm Springs for a week of sun, relaxation, swimming, and more sun. I am really looking forward to doing almost nothing!

This summer was almost Trinity-less. Can you believe it? I spent a week on a houseboat up there with family and a night last week on friend's houseboat and that was it. I had used up my vacation days with trip to Europe/Italy, 2 weeks in Hawaii, a week in Cancun area and the houseboat week. I think it was worth it but next year I plan to be back at the lake. When I was up there this weekend, I realized how much I missed it. This summer was also filled with seeing all of our grandchildren except Isobel and Oliver who I saw in the spring. I never see any of our twelve gorgeous grandchildren enough. My heart hurts to see them more. I can't wait until Lee retires and we can move closer to some of them so I can get my fix easier.

Okay, I did it. Back to the blogging world. Come on, you can do it too!!

P.S. No this is not the Medford airport. Think small, but bigger than Mack Town. The pic is the Paris airport!


Lindsey said...

yes please come back to the blogging world. have fun in palm springs!

Cute MSN Emoticons said...

ya blogging is fun.

Cute MSN Emoticons

Jami said...

ha ha...I just got back to the blogging world today...I guess we all could do a little better. I like the journal idea-been meaning to print mine out, too. Love you!

Lb said...

yes.. i saw it in the paris airport!

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