Saturday, February 26, 2011

Colorado Visit

I just returned from my latest jaunt to Colorado. Kelly, Kasey and I had been thinking that my visits there always feel so fractured because I have to split them up between Colorado Springs and Fort Collins. We decided to try something different this time. The plan was for me to spend most of my time with one family (Kelly's this time) and see the other family for an afternoon and then switch it next time. I was really concerned it would be horrible to not see the other family much but it actually turned out great. Of course, the afternoon with Kasey's family was actually an afternoon, night and morning-that helped a lot!! It was really nice to get to spend some quality time with Kelly and family though
1. Seeing Kelly and Jody's new home site. Awesome location, views and great house plan! I am really excited for them.

2. Being treated like a rock star-Kelly's kids all fight over who gets to sleep with me and make me feel so loved!
3. Ammon telling me: "You're my 2nd best friend-girl in the whole world". So cute!

4. Just hanging with Kellbell.

5. Getting to see Ammon and Cohen play basketball-they are both so good and it was so fun to cheer them on.

6. Taking Ammon and Cohen to the Justin Beiber movie. Cohen and I loved it. Ammon not so much but he was totally acting like Justin, singing and playing his guitar after the movie.

7. Watching Ammon and Cohen play basketball.
8. Going to Kasey's and watching the cousins have fun together!
9. Seeing Ethan play basketball over and over again at the jumpy house. My camera died after pics of him so that is why there are not other pictures of the Henry gang.

11. Being with my girls. Well two of them.
12. Seeing 8 of my 12 grandchildren. They are all beautiful, smart and talented.

I can't wait till we retire to Colorado some day!!


Jami said...

so fun! I miss those kids. Keal always asks about his crazy cousins...someday I will visit ALL of you in CO!

TinnyMey said...

very nice pictures ♥

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Marjean said...

Hi Pam,

I didn't know you now have two kids in Colorado!!! You for sure have to retire here, you will love it...but you will miss your boat on the lake! But grandkids will fill that spot quickly. This year we had two of our married kids living with us and I loved it. My youngest daughter had her baby while living with us so that was so much fun to be part of. They have since moved to Los Angeles. My one son and his family is living in our home while we are serving our mission in Germany. Stan Nielsen is the Mission Pres. in Poland and he comes to Frankfurt (where we are serving) twice a year so we are planning to get together. So next year why don't you plan on a trip to the northern part of Europe and come see us! our blog is we are actually still in the MTC until 9/19/2011. It has been such a fabulous experience that I wish everyone could come spend a couple of weeks here and learn what we have learned...even if they don't go away from home to serve a mission, it would be so helpful with sharing the gospel at home. We missed being in the MTC with our youngest son, Tyler, by one week! He left for Honduras the Monday before we checked in! It was probably better that way...say goodbye again would have been impossible. I loved reading all about your trip to Italy, Roger and I have been to some of those places and we loved Italy also. Love, Marjean

Ryan said...

These pictures are so lovely, <3 them all GOD BLESS

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