Thursday, September 09, 2010


Here was yesterday:
1. My car quit running AGAIN in Eureka
2. I locked myself out of my house when I went to take something over to the Jones' and had to have a locksmith come let me in
3. I got a terrible head cold and couldn't get to sleep till 2:00 in the morning, slept till 11:00 today, called in sick to work, had to cancel my hair appt. for this afternoon and now can't get in till Wednesday and my hair is HORRIBLE!

Every want to run away from your life??

Thoughts on this summer:
1. It was horrible!
2. We had mainly grey, cold days.
3. Kelly and family moved away.
4. My car broke down on me 3 times. It was in the shop for 2 months and still doesn't work. (thank goodness Mick has loaned me a car most of the summer!)
5. Mice all summer long in my trailer.
6. Next year HAS to be better!

Can you tell I'm having a pity party?


Kelly said...

Mom I feel so bad for you. It really has been a rough summer. Soon enough you will have a beautiful new car and trailer. And we will be eating at Cafe Rio before you know it! Chin up! Love you.

Bev and Roger said...

It's a bummer having a bum car. Car troubles drive me nuts. I think I would have driven the car to the lake, strategically positioned it towards the lake, gotten out of the car (still running), put a brick on the accelerator and let it go into the deep, dark abyss of the lake. I hope things are looking up.

For the next head cold, fill a cup of warm water to the brim, put 1 teaspoon salt in the warm water,stir, stand over a basin/sink, emmurse nose into the warm water, take a big snuff up your nose, (this will feel like you got water up the nose at the swimming pool)...after snorting, blow your nose. As long as "yellow/green" or other such gross material comes out, repeat the process until it becomes clear. An ENT doctor gave that advice to Roger and it works every time for me.....a little gross, but it works. (sorry readers to be so grafic, but nurses can talk to fellow nurses like this)

Anonymous said...

Sorry wish I was there to make you day better. We could have gone to lunch and watch a good movie. It has been too long since we have got to spend time together. Love ya Sis.

KoperAZ said...

Don't kick against the pricks! Life was meant for suffering and so that's what we get. If anything, you've had it too easy most of your life and now the balance will start going the other way. You were also probably very mean to your angelic brothers and this is just repayment from a merciful God. (Just kidding. I hope things get better.) -Kim-

Bak said...

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