Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alaska-visit #3

I went to Alaska to babysit Kaden, Alexa, Sienna and Ethan last week and got home Thursday night. I was a little apprehensive about watching all four, especially with Ethan being so little. I was so, so happy they left him though. He is an absolute delight! He smiles constantly and lifts his arms up to be held. He hardly batted an eye that I was there Friday morning when he woke up instead of his mom. He was an angel. I wanted to bring him home but Sienna wouldn't let me although both she and Alexa agreed to come home with me.

1. First class, of course
2. Being there for Ethan's first birthday
3. Sienna's "tickles" under my neck and kisses on my cheeks. She would periodically remind me she is a "fashion model". She also took Kasey's instructions to help me out really seriously and would constantly teach me how to make toast, chocolate milk, etc.
4. Alexa losing her tooth and all her crazy diva antics.
5. Watching Kaden read for more than an hour and not pausing even though he had to use the bathroom-he is really, really smart and diligent in school. He was also the first to tell me thank you for everything I did for them.
6. Watching Planet 51 with Kaden, Alexa and Sienna
7. Chuckie Cheese (3 visits to Alaska, 3 visits to Chuckie Cheese) The pizza is horrible but the kids have a blast!
8. Lots of I Carley! and Wizards of Waverly Place
9. Ethan sleeping in till 8:30 (one morning only!)
10. Spending a little time, way too little, with Kasey

The low point was getting a heat rash there from a tanning bed. I still have it and leave Monday for Cabo. Lindsey has a sick sense of humor and thinks it is hilarious I got a heat rash in Alaska. I haven't been able to tan since and so will probably burn in Mexico - if I can stand the sun with the rash. So annoying!!


Jami said...

Those kids are so cute! I was confused with the heat rash in Alaska when I read that! That's horrible! But I had to crack up that Linds would be dying over it. I can just hear her. Hope it's gone by the time you leave...

Bev and Roger said...

Number 3 visit....#1 grandma!!! Hope you have a great time in Cabo.

Kasey said...

Yes, it was too short of time I got to spend with you! So sad. Hope your heat rash went away and you are loving your time in Mexico.

Thank you sooooo much for coming to watch the kids. They loved it!

Lani said...

Sorry about your rash! Hope it is gone and you enjoy your vacation!