Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sweet Tate

We went to Kelly's this weekend for the blessing of Tate. What a cute little guy he is. He is starting to smile and is such a good sleeper and such a cute boy. The big news is - I think Rylee is strting to mellow out!! She was a crackup for Halloween, a cute witch, and very independent and very into the whole trick or treating. She'd follow the boys up the stairs to homes, get her candy, put it into her bag and come back and hold my hand to go to the next house. She really got attached to Lee and would push Ammon out of the way if he was sitting near Lee.
Cohen was Harry Potter (perfect for him). He was like the energizer bunny on speed after eating tons of candy. This boy is way into treats (wonder where he gets that?) and can eat tons and tons of candy. I had some starbursts in my purse and knew he'd fine them. Sure enough, within 2 minutes of my getting there, he had them out!
Ammon was Wolverine and had a blast trick or treating and at his school carnival earlier that day.
Jody's parents, Larry and Cindy, came into town for the blessing and it was great to see them again. They are really wonderful inlaws to Kelly!
As usual, I ate too much down there so went and worked out today for the first time in a long time at the gym. Usually I just walk or do my elliptical. I went about 3:00 and the gym was almost empty so I think I'll try and to at that time 3 times a week-I kind of like it when it is slow. My back is a little sore now though. Well this is a really boring post, I'll end the misery now!


Lindsey said...

fun to visit the edmondson's and see baby tate blessed! great job on your couponing crazy lady! love you!

Jami said...

can't wait to see that baby! glad you had a fun halloween and got to see the kids!

Kelly said...

Not boring! You seem to remember the funny things my kids do that my brain dead mind can't remember when I do my blogs!

Ah couponing, gotta love it!