Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Fun

The fun started on July 3rd when we headed to the lake to meet Kelly and family and Mitch and Alex. We had 5 fun filled lake days there. I love the smells at the lake. The campfires, the bacon and potatoes cooking at breakfast, the smell of suntan lotion. I could swear I smelled suntan lotion in the car as I was starting the drive up! It was great to hang with the family and eat, play games and enjoy the sun and water.

Cohen stayed an extra day with us when Kelly and Jody left and was so good and cute to have around. He accompanied me to San Francisco when I took Alex and Mitch down there to fly out to Cabo. We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and spent some time at Fisherman's Wharf. We enjoyed a great dinner at Scoma's on the Wharf and dropped them at their hotel. Then Cohen and I headed back to Windsor. I stayed there till Sunday having fun with Kelly and the gang. On Saturday, Kelly and I went to the AI concert and picked up my sister Julie in Oakland. On Sunday she and I headed to the lake after church, along with our good buddy Ammon. We had a great time at camp till Thursday night. Ammon was a delight! He would hang out with us, entertain us with singing and give us massages for 25 cents. He was perfect and Julie and I had a blast hanging out together, going for walks, and watching movies.

We came home Thursday, I worked Friday and that night we went to Baywood for dinner then to the movie The Proposal which was really, really good. Saturday we ran errands, walked on the beach and had lunch at the Creperie, dinner at Live From New York. Today we made a big turkey dinner, went on a walk and just hung out. Unfortunately, she goes home tomorrow. It has been so much fun and we've shared tons of laughs. Sisters are the best.

Ammon has had a blast here. He is constantly on the run with the Jones' grandkids. They have been weeding a lot in the garden and anywhere else they can find weeds. He just came in wanting payment so I gave him a dollar. He just told Julie, "This was the best Sunday ever." I asked him if he wanted to call his mom and he said that he talked to her yesterday so he'll wait and call tomorrow. I think he just wants me to put on a movie for him. I told him I would as soon as I finished blogging but his nagging was persistent so I got up to do it and he said, "That's the spirit!" He has told people he misses his mom and dad though so don't start crying yet Kelly.

On Tuesday Ammon and I will go back up to the lake on Tuesday with my friend Deanna till Friday. We plan to bring our quarters.


Lindsey said...

what a lucky little boy to hang out with his grandparents for two weeks! he says the cutest, most hilarious things! your time at the lake sounds amazing and i would do ANYTHING to be there right now. anything!

Lindsey said...

ps. glad you are having a blast with aunt julie too! sisters are the best!

Jami said...

that's the spirit! that kid is hilarious! glad you are getting plenty of lake time! We will definitely have to come up next year...