Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gramma, Can You Wipe My Bum?

One of the many requests I've answered this weekend along with requests for treats, walks to the park and other fun. I've been babysitting while Kelly and Jody are on the Piorneer Trek. This weekend we've gone to Funky Monkey (think smaller version of Chuckie Cheese), Summer Nights on the Green in Downtown Windsor and got huge snow cones, went to the park near here twice and a park in Healdsburg once, watched Beethoven a couple of times and Bedtime Stories and had popcorn, gone to Baskin Robbins (I wanted Coldstone but was outvoted), and we even braved a trip to the outlets so I could go to Banana Republic and then Target. We have had a blast.
Things I've learned:
1. I can still handle it. I can get up early, accomplish a lot and enjoy three busy kids. But I HAVE to take naps with them and go to bed early at night. No staying up late for alone time anymore though.
2. I made cupcakes for Rylee's birthday tomorrow and some things have changed. I absolutely can't read the directions without finding my glasses. She came out with one cupcake she somehow managed to reach. It was all over her and her face. Two others were massacred. She is so fast!
3. Ammon is my dream helper. He has been a doll. I mentioned that he and Cohen would have to clean his room up before we went to the park. The We're just snext thing I knew, he was in there cleaning it up himself. He is so sweet and tender hearted. ??
4. Cohen talks more than anyone I know, even Sienna. When we are in the car, he starts talking and doesn't stop. I wish I could record him, it is seriously hilarious! He is also fixated on food and continually wants to talk about food and go get treats. I asked him just now if he wanted to snuggle with me and he said he'd go get the food. What food????? We're just snuggling!
5. Rylee is fast!! Whenever I tell her I need to change her diaper, give her a bath or comb her hair she is off and running and hard to catch! We were at the park and there was a five year old there with a stroller. Rylee had a Mickey Mouse doll. She threw her doll in the girls stroller and took off with it, leaving the 5 year old bawling. It was so funny. When I caught up with her and took the stroller away, she flung herself to the ground in despair. What a diva!
6. I CAN sleep with bodies close to me while I'm squashed in the middle.
7. It is impossible to keep a house clean with three little ones running around.
8. Some experiences are priceless. I could have worked the last two days and made almost a $1000 because it would have been extra pay. Opportunities to work will always come. Spending quality alone time with these three has been priceless. Exhausting, but priceless!


Bev and Roger said...

After the colonoscopy experience I think I would have asked Lee to wipe a bum!

You are incredible, Pam. You do so many fun things with your grandkids. Kelly is lucky to be so close to grampam.

Alex said...

I love when you post about the funny things the kids say and do! They are so funny! Makes me miss the kids and get so excited to see them!!! Cohen is cracking me for snuggling! ha. I can't believe how much that kid loves treat and snacks...totally takes after his grandma!!! Rylee is hilarious taking that girls stroller!! Cant wait to see you guys in July!!

Lindsey said...

i'm with Bev, kelly IS lucky to be so close to you. I get a little jealous!

wish I could see those cute kids as much as you get to. they are adorable and i love the hilarious things they say!

Kasey said...

You are awesome! I can't believe you took all three shopping with you. I don't even do that with my own kids! I thought Cohen's snuggling with food was pretty funny too!

Kelly said...

I love this post. You captured my kids perfectly! Thank you so much for coming. It's funny how when you leave the kids tend to call me Grandma for a few days. Love you!

Jami said...

you are a brave woman! but I guess it's easy when the kids are so cute. You got so much done, too! More than I do in a whole week, that's for sure.

Chris and Jenni said...

I love your blog. This post was so cute and you are an awesome grandma. We who have awesome Mom's who become awesome grandmas are the luckiest girls in the world.