Saturday, December 27, 2008


That's me, finally taking a big breath after the hoopla that is Christmas. It was great having a houseful of family that I love around. It was great having Mitch here with Alex and getting to know him better, seeing what a great fit he is with our family. To view more pics of them: I loved having 5 of 10 grandkids around and seeing a movie with four of them. I especially loved hearing and seeing them interact with one another. Way too funny.

I didn't enjoy working full time up until Christmas, getting called in on Christmas Eve day for 4 hours, getting called in on Christmas Day just as we were starting to open presents, getting called in on the day after Christmas for 7 hours and missing the hugs goodbye as everyone left and getting called in twice today. This will teach me to pick up so much call over the holidays.

Another lesson I learned is to k.i.s.s. next holiday season. Keep It Simple (where does the other s go? I plan to not cook as much, play more, shop sooner and enjoy it more. It is unbelievable how much food we wasted just because I think I need to cook and cook and cook. I also learned that we need to get grandkids to bed earlier so the adults can play together more. I actually am looking forward to trying out my new plans next holiday season. Right now I just want a relaxing Sunday tomorrow (hopefully I won't get called in) and a fun week in Utah (no cooking by me-yeah!) for Alex's wedding. I can't wait to get a nap tomorrow!


Kasey said...

Here's an idea...come spend your Christmas in Alaska next year. I promise it'll be a low-key one. I didn't even change out of my pajamas all day!

Looks like so much fun though. I love when the cousins get together. They are the cutest!

Aubree said...

Looks like a great CHristmas! Your house is so beautiful!

Have a great wedding week! :)

Tawny said...

Hi Pam - I love catching up on the family through your blog. It's so fun seeing all the kids from people I grew up with since we were all the grandkids ages. Time is flying by! Your house looks beautiful, I need to come see it next time Kell-bell is in town. I think the second "s" in K.I.S.S. stands for Keep it Simple Stupid (at least that's what I've always heard).

Happy New Year!

beth said...

Great photos to be cherished.