Thursday, March 29, 2007


I am just now recovering from my trip to London. I returned over a week a go and my sleep patterns have finally returned to normal. The fact that we switched to daylight savings time the day before we traveled to London could have contributed to this extended jet lag. I hate jet lag. You go somewhere, spend two days getting over the jet lag just in time to come home and experience it all over again. Oh well, it was worth it. We had such a great time with Lindsey, Alan and Isobel. London is always fun and beautiful but the best sight to see of all was Izzy. Izzy eating everyones food all the time, Izzy crawling from room to room and Izzy just smiling. Constantly. What an adorable child!! Everywhere we went people were excited to see Miss Isobel. She is a real charmer. My next trip is in 2 weeks to Arizona to see Lindsey and family again (they are going there to tend a niece and nephew) and also to visit my family. Then in May, Lee, Alex and I are going to Kaui to our timeshare. Looks like jet lag is in my future still.


Heidi said...

kauai- I am jealous I love it there!

Kasey said...

What about your trip to Iowa? Where does that fit in? I swear, you are gone on a trip at least once a month. Kauai does sound FUN! I wish we could go.

Pam said...

Iowa is going to be in June so we can see Kaden and Alexa play t-ball. You are welcome to come to Kaui too!