Sunday, February 11, 2007


Last week they got the first floor framed in. It is exciting to see how the rooms are laid out and imagine living in there. I wish I had made some rooms larger but then again, there is only two of us at home and we are supposed to be downsizing.
I need some opinions on lighting for my kitchen. I will have a black square table in the kitchen and kitchen island with granite on it. (white cabinets, black granite) I want pendant lighting over both. Here are my two options. Please let me know what you like best.

I was thinking of three small white pendants over bar, one large over table.
Choice #2-Home Depot: I couldn't get these to pop up. Go to Home Depot and, under lighting , check out -Hampton BayBrushed Nickel w/Frost Glass Island Light
Model EJJ7113 for over the island and Hampton BayBrushed Nickel w/Frost Glass 1 Light Pendant Model CEP8191 for over the table. Let me know.


Kasey said...

I think I like the Pottery Barn ones the best. I love how they let you view them in a room. Home Depot should do that too, it may have made me more a fan. I like the bigger one from Home Depot, but I like how the ones from PB will hang separately. And I'm a HUGE PB fan! Really though, you can't go wrong with either one. Let me know what you decide!
I love the picture of the house. It is moving along so quickly!

Lindsey said...

I think I like the PB one too. I like Home Depot as well, but I like how you can change the height of the PB ones. Also, it is nice to be able to view them in the dining room. Wish you could see the one in Home Depot in the dining room too!

Jami said...

I think I like Pottery Barn. The shape is really cute. I bet your rooms will seem bigger once the house is done! Our landlord's house is going up super fast, but I can't tell if I like the outside yet. I think yours is cuter.

Heather said...

If it makes any difference, I like the Pottery Barn one too!

Pam said...

okay, I ordered the PB ones!